Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Parisian Weekend Away

A Parisian Weekend Away

A baltic weekend it was, i promise you if my friend wasnt so kind to offer me her gloves i would not have my fingers right now to type with!
A birthday celebration weekend it was yet not so much celebrating went down as we were all too tired at sun down that i personally was KO'ed and in bed my 10pm. (hard core, i know)
I did not however let my appetite down and ensured i stuffed my face to my hearts content! Tea and cake at the Laduree i have to say was a happy moment. Vanillla tea and the Strawberry, Rose Saint Honore went down a treat. Lets not forget the 2 hot chocolates i had the day before that i could no longer have dinner and the Lamb at the Les Bouquines was pretty awesome! YUM.
Heres a few pictures from my trip! Enjoy and Au Revoir!

A quick stop for some well deserved hot chocolate
The beauty of Notre Dame

Some serious decisions had to be made! :)
A stop for lunch! .... :)
I am watching you.....
You havent been to Paris if you dont see the Eiffel Tower! 
The Metro- How i miss the tube... but not the prices!
Ate some serious sweet stuff! 
The mother of all Tea and cakes!

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